. What is FTO used for?

FTO is an abbreviation of “freedom to operate”; the report indicates that the drug patent for which the report is issued is free from any potential patent constraint preventing commercialization of the claimed drug product for the specific designated market

. What is the outcome of the patent analysis report ?

The patent analysis report for a specific drug product determines whether the field patent in designated markets is constraining for commercialization of such drug product in that market or not.

. Is first to Market Strategy need IP data?

Understanding the patent landscape directs the portfolio managers to penetrate the market as the patent term expiry to place their drug product before any other competitor in the designated market.

. Not sure which IP services are required?

Bara’a team can help the clients in determining their IP needs.
Bara’a clients don’t need to speak IP language – we speak theirs by converting IP language to business language.
On this basis, we are able to identify the gaps that must be filled inside the pharmaceutical companies.

. How can I get a patent search report that may be needed ?

Contact Bara’a and share the technical drug product information with our team providing the designated markets; Bara’a team will issue the search report needed and send it in signed and stamped format to you.

Baraa support team is happy to assist you.

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