Patent right is the most critical industrial intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical industry. Bara’a, for pharmaceutical patent consultation, designed several training sessions to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s need to reduce the ambiguity of dealing with pharmaceutical patents in their daily working activities.

Such training sessions will cover essential areas in pharmaceutical patents, such as patent practice, patent understanding, patent evaluation, constraining and non-constraining patents, pharmaceutical patent types, patent prosecution, patent litigation, etc.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers targeted functions for training programs are usually the following:

  • The new product selection committee
  • Business development department
  • Research and development department
  • Regulatory affairs department
  • Heads of sales and marketing
  • Purchasing and procurement department

Other targeted trainees are innovators, university students, legal practitioners, patent offices, attorneys, etc.


  • General Course on Intellectual property ( overview)
  • Introduction to Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Advance Course on Pharmaceutical Patents
  • Advance Course on Pharmaceutical Patent Information Search
  • Intellectual Property and Exports ( in-licence )

Course 1


Course 3

Course 4

Course 5

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