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Bara’a for pharmaceutical patent consultation firm, direct all its expertise with a passion for serving the client’s business need in the pharmaceutical patent field.

Bara’a for pharmaceutical patent consultation team is an expert pharmaceutical patent agent conducting an informative patent search report, patent technical analysis report, patent invalidation report, patent claims comparison, freedom to operate report, and infringing report.

The right timing

Considering the cost of the drug product development, bioequivalence studies, stability analysis, registration activities, and the potential of dynamic patent landscape changes in some targeted markets may disturb commercialization opportunities.

 A full day-to-date updated patent landscape analysis will secure your project and improve the opportunistic commercialization of your drug product at your designated markets.

  • Freedom to Operate Report
  • Infringing Report
  • Patent Technical Analysis Report
  • Markush patent analysis Report

Freedom to operate (FTO) report is considered an essential part of a long-term R&D project, especially in the competitive generic pharmaceutical industry that requires significant R&D efforts. It gives the decision-makers a quick, clear, and accurate patent insight that there are no patent constraints facing the claimed project/drug product in the designated territory the report was issued for.


Infringing report (IR) alarming the patent search requester that the claimed project/drug product is patented by the originator with constraining patent/s which block commercializing the drug product by any competitors until the specific date (constraining patent term expiration).


Patent technical analysis report (PTAR) guides the R&D team in the pharmaceutical manufacturers to design around a non-constraining drug product patent (formulation patent, polymorphism patent, and indication patent) by indicating the limits of each granted claim and how to develop the corresponding generic drug product without infringing.


Markush patent analysis (MPA) enables patent search requester to understand the patented chemical structures that may get confused with the structure of the claimed API to decide whether such API is patented.


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